Founded in 1918 by Mr. Herman Schoonhoven, Sapim has been producing spokes and nipples of the highest quality for over a century! This is a significant milestone for which we are all very proud of.

Sapim would not have survived over 100 years if it didn’t rely on the best and most motivated people. We are a team of professionals dedicated to bicycle spokes and nipples. Everybody is committed to providing top-notch expertise, experience and advice to customers.

At Sapim, customer has always been central to all our activities. From the beginning, Sapim has strived to maintain a close relationship with its customers. This is utmost important for us and this is where we clearly make a difference. We are open to new ideas and listen to the needs and wishes of all our partners, whether professional or amateur.

We constantly monitor each step of our production process. We offer a wide range of products made from the very best raw materials only. We call on the services of a unique testing facility to test the performance of our products and those of our customers, because wheels are subject to more and more intensive uses, higher pressures and stronger weight requirements. Today many professionals rely on Sapim products. It is without surprise that Sapim is considered by many professionals as the leader in the design and production of spokes and nipple. 


Foundation by Mr Herman Schoonhoven of Sapim (Société Anonyme Pour l’Industrie des Métaux), a company specializing in the production of spokes and nipples



Company taken over by the son-in-law of the founder, Mr Florent Lambrechts

Development of the Polyax nipple




Development of the CX Ray spokes

Start of Sapim USA




Start of Sapim Asia

Acquisition of France Rayon that later became Sapim France




Launch of the D-Light spokes

Launch of the Super spokes




Acquisition of Ryde International by the Shareholders of Sapim

Start of Sapim Hungary




Start of production in Taiwan

Move to new headquarter




Development of the E-bike spokes

100 year milestone




Closing of the facilities of Sapim in France and Hungary and move all machines to the Corporate HQ in Belgium 


Opening a new facility in Belgium to allow the growth of the production at the HQ facility in Belgium  2020