Kenny Belaey won Bronze medal during the World Champs in Andorra

On Saturday, Kenny Belaey won its 12th medal out of 14 elite World Championships. Kenny is a long-time friend and partner of Sapim and the whole Sapim team would like to congratulate him.  He mentioned to the team that he was really happy and proud of this medal.  “Despite all the activities in which I’m currently involved I must stay fit and continue to train.  This podium really meant a lot to me and my team!”

 Further Kenny declared that “I really rode on my max and had to fight like a lion section after section, sometimes screaming to push my limits. Must have been also the most physical demanding competition I ever did in my life.”

 “It was only at the last section where I HAD to make sure not to make any mistake at all and it worked. So bronze it is!!!”