Kenny Belaey 'Balance'

Trial bike world champion, and longtime partner of Sapim, rides a slackline over a 120m drop in the French Alps at an altitude of 2700m.

What is balance? For Belgian athlete and nine times nine-time world champion Kenny Belaey, it’s riding his trial bike over a 20m long slackline from one rock to another, over a 120m drop in La Plagne, France. A world premiere the man with 12 world medals prepared for more than a year, doing up to 80 attempts before he finally crossed.

“The moment my wheel touched the actual slackline for the very first time, the only thing I could think of, was: this is impossible,” admits Belaey, looking back at the stunt he performed on La Roche Fendue, a rock located in the ParadiSki resort that groups Peisey Vallandry, Les Arcs and La Plagne.

“Every second on that slackline was a nightmare. Every inch gives a different feeling because the slackline constantly moves, changing the surroundings and making my orientation points disappear.

“There were numerous factors which came into play: the wind affecting the position of the drone, the limited time window and change of light, fatigue, the thin air. I especially underestimated that last one: at an altitude of 2700m, the air is so thin, providing less oxygen and making every effort so much more exhausting than on ground level.

“Each time I fell, I had to climb up, get my gear right and push myself mentally for a next attempt. It is by far the most intense experience I ever went through. I cannot describe how proud I am to finally have succeeded”.

He says it was “the hardest challenge” he ever faced, yet the 32 year old won’t stop there. “I want to be the first person to ride a bike on the moon.,” he now claims.

This is a major achievement, Kenny, congratulation.

Watch the clip: HERE