Jure Žabjek from the Unior team is 2015 European DH Champion, Ruaridh Cunningham wins Red Bull Hardline

This Sunday 13 September will have to be marked by a white stone and as one of the most epic days for the Unior Tools Team.  Jure Žabjek took the European Downhill Title on the championships that took place in Poland, while Ruaridh Cunningham won the Red Bull Hardline. For those who are not familiar with this event – it’s a downhill race on the extremely hard track build by the Athertons. It is raced only by a number of selected riders.

The National downhill title, overall winner of the Slovenian cup, one of the best results ever for Slovenia on the World Championships and still a contender for top three overall in the iXS European Cup. And now the 2015 European Downhill Champion!

Jure Žabjek is having an amazing season, and we can only wonder what else would he do if he wouldn’t brake his finger in Fort William.

European Champs took place in Wisła/Stożek, Poland. The Unior Team had three riders on the start – Jure, Žiga Pandurand Zarja Černilogar, all in the jerseys of the Slovenian national MTB team. Jure excelled – beating local favoriteSławomir Łukasik by 0.643 seconds – while Žiga was 13th and Zarja was 7th.

This is what Jure Žabjek had to say after the race: “Amazing weekend, amazing end of the weekend. I like the track in Poland very much, it’s short and full of jumps – just like my home track. The track got dry on Sunday and it became much faster. In the seeding run and the finals I did a mistake in the same place, but that didn't have much influence on the final result. Except for that, my run was perfect. I didn’t expect to win European title this weekend, but I’ll take it with great pleasure! Now I really have just one more race to go, after that I will have a break and focus on the next goals.”

Congratulations to you Jure!

Regarding the title of Ruaridh on the Red Bull Hardline, just look at the following link, it says much about this Race.  Congratulation to you Ruaridh.
Link: https://amp.twimg.com/v/81d70f65-8060-4a07-9945-5a1a5be8ce3b