Choose the right product


What is the right product that suits best your needs? Is it aero, butted or basic spokes? Which nipple?

Basic spokes

If you are price driven, do not ride every day and want just a standard product, Basic spokes would be just fine.  A zinc or a leader spoke will give you good price/quality ratio. 90% of the bicycles in the market use these kinds of spokes.

Butted spokes

Compared with Basic spokes, Butted spokes last longer and are lighter. They have a higher tensile strength per mm² due to Sapim special SCFT system, the slow drawing process. All this makes butted spokes superior to Basic spokes and add more value.  These spokes can be adjusted to the special need and construction of the wheel. We advise to use these spokes on all medium and high end wheels. You will have fun with these spokes.

Aero spokes

Aero spokes (exception CX) are mainly made out of a butted spokes. The SCFT system, the additional cold forging on Sapim’s press in one go bring again more tensile strength per mm².  These spokes achieve maximum results. Aerodynamic is only an issue if your speed is higher than 25km/h. But it is important that you use an elliptic shape. Square flat spokes bring similar results than round spokes. We advise to use these spokes on fast wheels of all kind, MTB or road and for those who just want the best quality.

Brass nipples

Since years brass nipples had been the optimal standard. Brass brings less friction and the nickel plating brings a good corrosion resistance against environmental impact.  We advise to use them on all standard wheels.

Aluminum nipples

In the past, aluminum nipples had only one positive argument, the weight. All other features like corrosion resistance, friction, stiffness were specific to brass nipples. This changed in the last years drastically. All our aluminum nipples are now anodized. Salt spray tests showed better results than brass nickel plated nipples. You can choose 7 different colors.  We had been able to reduce friction with a special coating. As an effect you don’t need to oil or grease the nipple like you should with the brass version. For the last three years, Sapim has used the 7075 material and have additional strength added by the heat treatment T6. Alloy nipples are now stronger than brass.  Aluminum nipples are more expensive but for sure much better than brass.  For those who care about weight, special colors and quality, aluminum nipple is advised.

Different nipple shape and length.

Different shapes are offered because there are different rims, wheel building machines and preferences in wheel building. Please click on nipples to get more information. The golden rule on nipple length is: as short as possible as long as necessary. Some rims have a thick bottom section and need longer nipples.

Still not sure which product to choose? Check the comparison chart.